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    Maps / Compasses and a missing wide game

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    Maps and CompassThe district camp is coming up which includes the Sextant Trophy and so this week and next week we’re working to improve the troop’s skills with maps and compasses.  With the added fun of a wide game (well that was the idea, but I’m getting ahead of myself).

    The evening started in a different order with inspection first followed by flag break.  The troop was then split into two groups to learn about either maps or compasses.

    Falcon and Hawks started outside on a slightly more muddy field than we expected!  The idea of the activity was in the dark from a starting point they had to draw shapes using the compass, starting off with a bearing and then being asked to draw the shape.  If the shape was drawn correctly then they should end up where they started.  Eagle and Kestrel stayed warm inside the hut for the first activity learning about using 4 figure and 6 figure grid references.  Using a map of the local area (provided by the os website) and using os maps from the hut, they were provided with a list of locations to find on the map and work out what the references were.  The final small activity was to learn about GPS (Global Positioning System) which we will hopefully continue next week.

    After 40 minutes the groups swapped over and did the opposite activites.  Unfortunately outside the weather was getting worse.  To give us chance to setup for the wide game two of our patrol leaders ran ladders.  Unfortunately at the last minute we decided to call off the wide game because the weather had really closed in on the field and it was abit too wet on the field.  We had also ran out of time due to the activities over running abit.

    So next week will be the wide game instead, so everyone please remember old shoes and trousers, plus also nice warm coats, scarves and gloves.

    See you all next week

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