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    Map Battleships and the lost Wide Game

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    This week we started with inspection and flag break as usual, then we went into Map Battleships. This was the first time we’d played this, needing to use six figure grid references and compass bearings in order to find the four patrols ‘positioned’ around Romsey on an OS map. Turn by turn, patrols had to either move (anywhere on the map) or, once they were close to another patrol, they had the option to shoot. After two rounds shots were fired but unfortunately we had no direct hits so the game was declared a draw.

    After we had to call off last week’s Wide Game we got the opportunity to go outside on to the slightly less soggy ground. The group was split into two teams – reds and yellows – and each allocated a base on the edge of the field. The aim of the game was to collect balloons from a leader who was on the field and take the balloons back to their base without being caught by the opposition. The game got underway to the sound of lots of popping balloons! The Wide Game went on for about 20 minutes with most of the balloons popped, rather than getting to base and the eventual winners were the red team who got 10 balloons back (the yellows only managed 3).

    Unfortunately we forgot to announce the results at the end of the night so hope you’re checking here to find out! Next week is Knots and Pioneering. See you then!


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