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    Scout Expedition Challenge 2010

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    Hampshire County are organising a Scout Expedition Challenge weekend on the 14th – 16th May 2010.  The aim of the weekend is to enable scouts to complete there Expedition Challenge badge.  The challenge can be either a Hike Challenge (£28) or a Cycle Challenge (£43 which includes a IOW Ferry Ticket!).

    This will be an exciting weekend and at the end of it you will have achieved another step towards the Chiefs Scout Award.  Its possible to go as a team or 4 or less.  I’ll be giving more details out at Scouts on Monday night but plus thing about this as its a great opertunity to get the badge.

    The weekend starts on a Friday night with a refresher of basic map skills (which we should all be good at by now!), plus a planning of the route that you will take.  As part of the challenge a “Goal” has to be agreed and completed as you go along.  Saturday and Sunday will be the expedition using the routes that were created on the Friday night, all food is included for the weekend and accommodation.

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