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    How many pancakes can a Scout eat?

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    PancakesTurns out that is quite alot!!!! I think the final score was 9 pancakes to one scout.  I’m pretty sure that there wasn’t enough batter for that.  Anyway I’m getting ahead of myself.  Monday night was Scout Pancake night, the night started out normally with flag break.  Two of the Patrol Leaders ran quarter ball, while the leaders were getting the equipment ready for making pancakes.

    It was slightly early for us to do Pancake night but unfortunately Shrove Tuesday is not until the 16th February which meant it was during half term.  Since by the time we started back we should all be fasting for 40 days we thought it best to have pancake night early :-).

    After giving the Scouts a quick demo of the new stoves about how to connect them up to a gas bottle, the evening got well and truely underway.  Each Patrol was given all the equipment needed plus instructions on how to make the pancake batter.  After about 10 minutes all the patrols had got the batter ready and the stoves connected and checked by a leader.  Now was the fun part, the burning…. opps cooking of the pancakes! For the next 30 – 40 minutes the scout hall smelt of cooking (and burning) pancakes.  One of the patrols actually gave the frying pan back to us in the same condition it had started in with very little cleaning.

    Sadly all good things have to come to an end, and no sooner had the cooking began it was over.  Which could mean only one thing, the WASHING UP!  With 5 minutes to spare we just about finished everything (the leaders did the rest when everyone had gone home).

    The last thing to do was present a couple of badges and run through all the notices that we had.  Just incase you missed anything here is the short version.  See the other news items for more detail:

    • Expedition Challenge happening on 14 – 16th May
    • District Cooking Competition 6th March
    • Climbing Schema – beginning of the summer term
    • Sainsbury’s active kids schema is almost upon us

    I will be posting all the forms and details in the next couple of days.  Please remember that its half term next week so there wil be no Scouts.

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