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    Winter Camp – Day One

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    Camp was set up on Friday night in the dark, using our new hiking tent. After a very cold night (-8!) we were in high spirits for breakfast.

    Breakfast was a hearty sausages, egg, beans and hash brown, which was devoured by Scouts and leaders alike. After washing up had been done there was a bit of free time before flag break and activities. The whistle was blown for flag break and everyone gathered round to break flag and find out about the activities. Scouts split up into their groups and the day began.

    There was five activities going on unfortunately because I (Skip) was running an activity I did not manage to get round them all. The three activities I know about were canal skills (rope throwing), Bread Twisters and Fire lighting.

    After two activities in the morning it was lunchtime for everyone so a quick wash of the hands and straight to lunch. The cooks had been hard at work cutting cheese, bread, ham the full works for a great sandwich. After lunch it was straight back into activities doing the last three activities. By 5pm everyone had completed their activities and it was free time before dinner.

    Dinner was served right on time at 5.30pm of pasta bolognese and rice pudding for dessert. Following dinner the heavens opened and it started to rain, which didn’t look good for the camp fire. In fact for about 10-20minutes it was actually snowing!! Thankfully the snow stopped falling and the camp fire and founders day celebrations could go ahead. With cake and hot chocolate round the camp fire.

    It was early to bed for a few and unfortunately we had to say good bye to a couple of others. Last night was not as cold as the first night and today it’s the Sextant Trophy.

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