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    What happened to first aid?

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    Due to illness unfortunately we were unable to do First Aid on Monday night which meant we did something complete different tonight.  Scouts started with the normality of Flag break, unfortunately inspection had to be cancelled because we did not have the details with us.

    Firstly our GSL did a quick 20 – 30 minutes on Water safety because of the Badge Splash coming up and as part of the swimmers badge you should be aware of safety around water.  If you missed the scout evening and want to know more have a look at the scout base factsheet.

    After water safety we played a new game that Skip had found, it was called “I went to camp”, the idea of the game is that Skip started it off and had a secret meaning to the object he would bring to camp.  Going around he circle everyone had to say “I went to camp and I took a <object>”.  Skip would then say whether they were allowed to come to camp or not.    After a number of strange objects coming to camp included an aircraft, a helicopter with Guns, loads of animals, an ant and an anteater and a few times round the circle it was time to see whether anyone had guessed the secret.  To come to camp you had to bring an object starting with the same letter as your name.

    After the quick game it was time for the main activity of the evening, building of shelters.  Shelters can be built in so many different ways dependent on the environment around you.  Due to the weather outside it was not possible to build them outside (maybe in the summer months) so the patrols were given a number of different materials to build the shelters that had to fit 4 people.  Patrols had differing successes but using the shear lashing that was learnt eariler in the term four shelters were built.  The shelters were judge on materials used, the design and whether all the people could get inside them.

    With the last few minutes of the evening a couple of quite games were played (one new and one old), before we knew it it was time for flag down and another scout evening was over.

    See you all next week for fitness, do not forget climbing forms, cooking forms and camping forms.


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