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    ClimberAfter last term’s successful climbing trip to Mountbatten, we are looking to organise a couple of other sessions at Mountbatten to complete the National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme (NICAS). This is a UK wide scheme designed for ages 7 and upwards, providing structure and motivation for new climbers to develop there skills.

    The course will be run over 3 sessions at Mountbatten school, the dates are currently Tuesday 20th April, Tuesday 27th April and Tuesday 4th May. The sessions will be run by a local instructor at the school and will last for 1 and half hour each. The cost of the course will be £25 and will cover all safety equipment, hire of hall, and the qualification.

    To make this viable we need to have at least 16 Scouts attending the course. If its not possible to get that number within our troop we will open this up to other local Scout groups in the local area.

    More information will be given out on Monday night

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  • Feb

    Cooking CompetitionThe district are organising a cooking competition for the Scouts.  This will be a backward cooking event on open fires on Saturday 6th Marchbetween 10am and 2pm.

    Scouts can enter with a team of between 4 – 6 participants to compete for the Cooking Trophy.  Teams need to prepare a main course and desert to be cooked using only backwards tools and equipment.  A maximum of £2 per head on food is permitted and teams will be asked to provide a menu and breakdown of the costs involved, so you will need to be creative :-).  If we get a group together then the group will pay the enterence fee for the competition.

    A panel of judges will assess the teams on nutritional value, preparation and hygiene, presentation of food, quality, quantity and site clearance.

    A notice will be handed out on Monday with more details and forms to fill in.

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  • Feb

    Timber HitchScouts started as normal with flag break and inspection.  This weeks activities were all around learning some simple knots and abit of pioneering.  Paul started off by demonstrating the timber hitch and then everyone had time to practice.  After 10 minutes of practicing and getting help from others it was time for a game.  The game was a relay race using the timber hitch to drag a pole across floor to the otherside of the room.  Unfortunately I cannot remember which patrol won the race, it was very close between two patrols (sorry!).

    Just incase you have forgotten how to tie a timber hitch, here is a quick reminder:

    1. Hold one end of the rope with your left hand. Wrap the other end of a rope around the log with your right hand and up.
    2. Take the rope in your right hand and wrap around to the left of the rope in the left hand, making a full circle around the left rope.
    3. Bring the rope in your right hand down to your left. Tuck the end of the right hand rope underneath the left hand rope where it is wrapped around the timber.
    4. Repeat the tuck a second time. To do this, your right hand rope should be to the right of the timber. Simply take the right hand rope up and to the left. Tuck it back toward the right under the rope around the timber.
    5. Pull hard on the rope in your left hand and you are ready to move logs.

    (Step by Step from ehow.com)

    After the game it was time to learn a pioneering skill called the shear lashing.  This lashing enables two poles to be joined together to create a longer pole.  Normally it takes two shear lashings to safely join a pole together ending in a clove hitch.  See Lashing (Ropework) on Wikipedia for a recap on it.

    After practicing the lashing for another 10 minutes it was time for the final activity of the evening.   In the center of the main hall a secret base had been created.  Inside was a master Criminal (Jack of Clubs I think!), on a chair.  The scout teams were all members of the Special forces and using there skills had to get passed the security in the base.  This involved creating a long pole to burn through the security cordon (a piece of string).  All the teams were really close to breaking the cordon, but it was getting very late by this time.

    Next week is pancake night would should be great fun.  See you all then


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