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    Cooking Competition

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    Cooking CompetitionThe cooking competition was held a couple of weeks ago and a team from our troop entered.  This involved back woods cooking, meaning the team would have to create a 3 course meal for the complete team for as little as £2 each.  The day started early for the leader getting ready for the competition.

    The first teams arrived and were shown to there cooking areas, a small hole had been turfed into the growned for them to create the fires.  Most teams turned up with the wood for burning but needed to get kindling to get themselves going.  With 20 – 30 minutes all the fires were burning ready for the cooking competition to commence.

    Each team was judged on a number of different areas including Hygiene, time of food, presentation and site clearance.  The team from 15th came in a 5th place overall which was a great result for the team, it would not take much to win next year.

    Thanks to the Romsey District Scout Leaders for organising a great event.

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