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    Anyone know how to put a sling on?

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    Starting as normal with flag break and straight into inspection.  The first game this week was tug of war giving the Scouts chance to show there strengths.  Before starting the activity of the evening of first aid a few knot exercises were done in preparation for climbing next term.  Two knots needed to be learnt for that climbing of the figure of eight and the stopper knot (see the post below).

    After the knots had been practiced it was onto first aid, this started by looking at the What and How of first aid.

    WHAT – Preserve life, prevent situation worsening promote recovery

    HOW – Signs / symptoms, history treatment disposal

    Following the What and how it was onto talking about Fractures and the signs and symptoms of a fracture using the PLASTIC acronym.  After the discussion about the history of fractures it was time for a practical piece, of doing a simple arm sling.  The scouts were shown how to put the sling onto someone with a broken arm and then in pairs this was practiced and checked by the leaders.  The final piece of first aid was a quick demonstration of the elevation sling.

    After the first aid two of the patrol leaders ran a couple of games, of Ladders and hockey.  After some hard fought games it was time for flag down.

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