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    Last night of term

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    Troop Night

    Sorry for the delay in writing this review of the last meeting.  Its been a busy week since the last night of term.

    Its amazing how time flies, in a blink of the eye and the term has almost over.  One more night to go before its the easter term break, the evening begans as normal with flag break and inspection.  As the leaders are organising the activity for the evening there is time for a quick game of dodge ball, which is the first time for some of the Scouts.  Are a number of games of dodge ball it was time for the activity.

    For the final night it was a trading post game, each patrol is given some money and a couple of pieces of K’NEX.  The aim is to create a vehicle that can carry a glue stick using K’NEX.  The trading post has a number of activities that the patrols can buy, create and sell back to obtain more money to allow them to buy more pieces for the final vehicle.

    After 45 minutes of activity and money changing hands with the trading post the activity was over and it was time to review what had been built by the teams.  The final part was for the teams to vote for the one they would like to win.  Unfortunately I’ve forgotten which patrol won (sorry).

    At the end of the evening there was just enough time for a quick game or two, with a new one run by a couple of our patrol leaders.  This involved each scout having one sheet from a newspaper, they then have to stand on it.  Easy, well the next time they have to fold it in half and stand on it again and so on and so on until scouts start to be unable to stand on the newspaper only.  It was really fun watching how scouts used walls and each other to ensure they could stand on the small and small piece of paper.

    After the last go at the folding paper game it was flag down, notices and the end of term.

    I hope everyone had a fantastic easter and didnt eat too much chocolate!

    See you all again on April 19th

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