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    Back with a bang and the light nights are here

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    Troop Night

    After the easter term, scouts started with a bang.  Taking advantage of the light evenings we decide to have a fun first meeting of term playing games and having activities outside.  The night started out with the breaking of the flag, the first game was quick cricket with the troop split into two teams playing against each other.  After each team had had a couple of goes batting and fielding the game was called to an end so that activities could get underway.

    The first activity of the evening was the “anti gravity tent pole”, the troop was split into three teams and each team was given a tent pole.  The aim of the activity was to get the tent pole onto the ground, sounds easy… unfortunately there was a couple of rules:

    1. You were not allowed to grab the pole
    2. All the teams index fingers must be touching the pole at all times
    3. Only the index fingers are allowed to touch the pole

    There was a range of successes with this one, one team working together managed to get the pole on the ground with their first go.  The other two teams took abit longer to complete the task but were successful by the end.

    The last activity of the night was “Fliparoo”, the aim of the activity was to work as a team and with all the team members standing on a ground sheet, they had to attempt to turn the ground sheet over.  Starting small with only 6 people per team, it was very possible to flip the ground sheet over as long as the group worked as a team.  After a couple of goes the first team to finish moved onto the large patrol tent ground sheet attempting to turn this over.  Then it was time to get 12 poeple onto the ground sheet! and flip it over, and finally the whole patrol was on the ground sheet trying to turn it over.  With alittle help from the leaders with a couple of ideas and pointers the troop managed to flip the ground sheet over with 18 people on it.

    By this time the light was fading and so it was time to go back into the scout hut and play the final game, it was a slight twist on the normal team game of using mats to get the team from one bank of a river to the other.  This time however if no-one was touching the mat with their feet or hands then the mat (marshmallow) would be sweap away in the current.  There was varying successes with this game, some people lost alot of there marshmallows very early in the game.

    Finally it was time to end the night and welcome two new scouts into the Troop with an investiture.  The two new scouts have been with the troop since the new year and are now full members of the troop.  The night was over with a number of notices and reminders.

    • Subs are due for the term, unfortunately I forgot to hand out the evolopes for these
    • Please remember that it is St Georges Day on Sunday and we expect everyone to attend this.  We only ask for two days a year that we expect everyone to attend.  Please meet at 2.20pm at the Car Park off Latimer Street.
    • Summer Camp deposits are due, we need these deposits in by next week because we need to start booking activities if we do not get the numbers by then we may have to cancel the event
    • The group Quiz is on this Saturday at 7.30pm at the Scout Hut.  Please contact me if you would like to attend this.
    • Climbing balance is due this week of £15 and climbing starts on 20th April
    • Pulborough Trophy is coming up so watch out for information, it is a fantastic camp and a great experience
    • Expediation Camp balance is due as well.

    See everyone on Sunday afternoon for St Georges Day Parade.

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