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    Last weeks Scout meeting started as usual with flag break at 7pm followed by a quick inspection for the four patrols.  After the normal start it was time for a game of rounders.  Only 2 innings were played and an hour had passed which was really quick.  The first inning was a close round with only about 4 runs between them.  The second inning saw one team take a large lead winning by about 15 runs.

    The Pulborough Trophy is not far away now so the second half of the evening was to start training for the trophy.  One part of the pulborough trophy weekend is the Ian Grainer Trophy which is creating something from pioneering equipment.  So tonight was a challenge for the scouts to create a stretcher that would be able to carry a tent as well as cope with the longest scout in the patrol.

    After about 30 minutes it was time to test the stretchers and give them a rating out of 10.  Some teams were more successfully than others but they all managed to create a stretcher that just about held the Patrol Tent.  Two teams made the stretcher long enough to fit the tallest member of there patrols.  Everyone did really well remembering the knots and lashings taught the previous team.

    After the stretchers it was time to wrap up for the evening and the notices:

    • Please remember subs are due
    • We have planned a caneoing evening on the 24th May and unfortunately there was a mistake in the form.  It should have said £1 on the form rather than £6.  Please Please bring the forms back next week otherwise we may have to cancel the evening.
    • Pulborough Trophy is coming up on the 19th – 21st June which is a fantastic event
    • Finally the Group Hike is coming up as well.

    See you all next week

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