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    Tents, Tents and more Tents

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    The Pulborough Trophy Competition is fast approaching which means its time to do some of those traditional Scouting skills.  This weeks troop night was devoted to putting up Tents.

    The evening started as normal with flag break and inspection, due to time it was straight into tonight activity of pitching and striking of a Patrol Tent.  Each patrol was given there patrol tent, poles, mallets and pegs.  In their patrols it was up to each team to pitch their tent.  The Leaders were on hand to help with guidance and if the teams got stuck.

    Most of the scouts had already pitched a patrol tent in the previous years and so this was putting there teaching skills into practice.  As the tents were unfolded from their bags, and the poles were getting put together all the scouts were getting involved with the task at hand.  Within a couple of minutes all the tents were out and the poles were getting placed into the tents and the dolls were getting attached.

    Soon enough there was four patrol tents well under way, with only minor help from the leaders.  After about 30 to 40 minutes most of the tents were pitched, and unfortunately it was that time to strike the tent ready for the end of the evening.  But only after a leader had inspected it.  All four tents were well put up, only a couple of mistakes to remember and that is mainly because of the judging at pulborough:

    • Remember to close the doors correctly before pegging out
    • All pegs should be in a line on the tent (easilest way is to get some rope and when the first peg goes in all the others should be in a line.
    • Remember to ensure that there is a hole in poles at the center (most of the tents have a middle pole!)

    Running short on time we have to strike the tents very quickly, this meant that we could get back in the hall for flag down and notices plus some badges needed to be presented.

    Four challenge badges were present after the expedition camp at the weekend, with this final challenge badge it also meant that one of our Scouts achieved the highest honour a Scout can have which is the Gold Chief Scouts Award.  Ending the evening on a high it was time for flag down and notices:

    • Please remember that subs are due (£23 if you get them to me by next week otherwise £25)
    • We are canoeing next week at Lakeside so if you are not canoeing then there will be no scouts
    • Pulborough Trophy is fast approaching so if you are intested then you need to get the deposit and form back to me as soon as possible.

    See you at the canoeing on Monday.

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