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    Baddesley Common in the Sunshine

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    HikeThis weeks Scout meeting was slightly different from normal weeks, instead of meeting at the Scout hut we all meet up at Emer Close on the edge of Baddesley Common for a walk. The Scouts arrived at 7pm wearing neckers only, it was a lovely Summers evening with the sun shining and it nice and warm.

    We set off at 7.10pm crossing the road to head pass the Glifford offices down a small path and head out over the fields before reaching the common.  We crossed the common arriving at Green Lane in double quick time, turning right following the road for alittle bit before rejoining the footpath just after going under the railway line.  After crossing the railway line and a ford we end up back at Emer Farm at 8pm.  With another hour to go we decided to head for Emer Blog.  Crossing the farm land heading towards Emer Blog, it was time to break out the refreshments of small bags of Haribo!

    As we headed pass Emer Blog, which was looking very dry the sun was getting lower and lower in the sky.  As we head up pass Emer Blog towards the farm on the outskirts of the Village near St Johns Church.  After reaching the church everyone was getting abit tidied, but there was not much further to go, we were almost on the home straight.  Arriving back at Emer Close at 8.55pm.  Well done to all the Scouts that came along it was a lovely evening walk and I hope you all enjoyed it.  Have a look at the route we took here:

    Baddesley Common Scout Walk

    Final distance was 4.37 Miles.

    See you all next week

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