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    Patrol Challenges

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    Troop Night

    Sorry for the delay in posting a summary of last weeks troop meeting its been a busy week.

    This week it was a quiet week due to a number of Scouts out canoeing at Testwood Lake in Eastleigh and some being on a school trip.  The evening started as normal with Flag break, due to the limited numbers we decided not to hold inspection this week.  The scouts were asked what game they would like to play first this week, after a number of games were decided against we settled on play capture the flag on the field.

    The troop was divided into two teams yellow and red.  Each team member was given a “life” that they had to have in tucked into there belt.  Once the life was caught by a member of the opposition (or fell out than that person was out for that round).  Each team was given a base where there was a flag within it.  The first round the teams had to stay on the field and it ended in a draw.  The second two rounds the teams were allowed to go into the woods around the fields to hopefully capture the flag.

    After capture the flag it was time for the main activity of the evening which was a Patrol Challenge, unfortunately with so few members of the same patrols we kept the same teams as capture the flag.  The challenge was based around scouting activities.  Firstly they had to create a triangle from poles to carry one of there team to the first base and answer a number of questions.  From this base they had to retrieve equipment if they managed to answer the questions correct and then it was onto base 2 again carrying a member of there team.

    At base two they had to answer some map and compass before tying on a pan of water (this was “nuclear waste” and so could not be split when carrying them to base 3.  At base three they had to get the waste into a specific allocated area without touching the pan or the string holding it up.  Only one team managed to burn through the strings in time before it was the end of the evening.

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