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    Camp Ovens

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    Well after the last minute dash for camp things to sort out I forgot to write up the camp ovens night.

    Camp Ovens is probably my favourite Scout evening of the year (I had never seen these before joining the 15th Scout Troop).  They are a drum of metal and a chimmey that is place over a hole and covered in mud.  A fire is then lit below them to heat them up.  Really they work better if they are built and used for a week sadly we only have two hours to build and cook on them.

    After last year myself and another leader decided to pre-break the ground because it was so hard last year.  Thankfully this year it was easy to break the ground.

    After a very quick flag break we welcomed a number of new cubs to the troop that were joining us for a taster evening before joining us full time next term.  The troop was split into three groups to build three Camp Ovens.  After some digging and time playing with mud to get the Camp Ovens nice and covered to hold the heat.  They looked like below:

    While some of the group were building the ovens the rest of the team needed to be gathering firewood to get the fire started.  Unfortunately due to the rain the night before alot of the wood was quite damp and difficult to get started.  Thankfully a backup of some old pallettes was on hand to aid with the fires getting going.  This enable the ovens to start heating up.

    On the menu for the night was mini pizzas on pitta breads, with cheese, onions, peppers, sausages, mushrooms and sweet corns for toppings.  Once the ovens were nice and warm the pizzas could go in and would take 10 – 15 minutes to cook.  If the oven door was not nice a secure they could taste rather smokey which is what happened to the leaders :-(.

    Sorry for the bad picture of the camp oven with the fire underneath it.

    I hope everyone has had a great term and a fantastic year of Scout activities. Thanks to all the Leaders and Helpers that have helped to organise and run activities over the year.

    See you all on 6th September.

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