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    Summer Camp 2010 – A Scout's View

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    Summer camp was really good especially being able to try new activities, cook new foods and learning to work in a team. At the beginning of the week, we were all struggling to work in a team, but by the end we were all working together to get things done so we could have more free time.

    There were a range of activities for us all to try. Some of us got over fears of heights and we all tried something new.  My favourite activity was the crate stacking. It was quite funny when we fell off the crates because we could pretend to fly in the air. The swimming was a very cold experience but it was lots of fun.

    It was really good to be independent and learn how to live on absolute basics and realise that we manage without TVs and computers and still have fun.  Though it was great to get on the minibus at the end of the week to sit on a seat that actually had cushions.

    I had a really good week and I would really like to do another camp next year. Hopefully without a thunderstorm in the middle. Thank you to leaders for organising it.


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