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    Summer Camp 2010 – Day Two and Three

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    It was a lovely summer morning for day two of the camp at Broadstone Warren.  It was an early start to get breakfast prepared before the activites started at 10am.   The campsite looked fantastic with the sun shining as the Scouts prepared breakfast – sausages and baked beans.

    Once the washing up and cleaning up had been completed it was off to the first activity of the day, which was archery.  For some of the Scouts this was very familiar having done a number of sessions with the troop.  For a couple it was the first time shooting, everyone did fantastically well and we did get some people hitting the 10 points area.  Everyone got time for a couple of shots before it was straight onto the next activity at 11am.

    The next activity was Simulated Pot-holing, where lots of concrete tubes of different sizes are buried underground.  The Scouts were briefed and provided with helmets before being let loose to run / climb and crawl around the underground “caves” and “pot-holes”.  The tube system was quite extensive and you could stay underground for along time without coming to the surface.  After a hour it was time to head back to camp for some free time before lunchtime.

    In their Patrols the Scouts prepared lunch of Quiche, salad and bread.  It was a quick lunchtime and washing up to get ready for the AeroBall, which was two scouts bouncing on a trampole throwing the ball across a divide attempt to score more points than your opponent.  Each game lasted 5 minutes and by the end of the hour the Scouts came back to camp exhausted.  Thankfully the rest of the afternoon was free time – which some used to collect firewood for cooking.

    At 5pm we joined up with the Explorers for the second of the joint activities.  Everyone was looking forward to the climbing activity especially as most of the Scouts had done alot of climbing over the last couple of months.  The activity lasted for an hour an half and everyone managed to have a number of ascents on the quite high climbing wall.  Even the leaders had one go each.  Everyone really enjoyed the climbing and everyone managed to get at least half way up the wall.  Even Skip managed the top (althought he was shaking a little bit when he got back to the bottom!!!).

    The evening meal like day one was centrally cooked because the next activity was only an hour away after finishing the climbing so it had to be a quick turn around.  The evening meal of Sweet and Sour Pork went down well and everyone tried abit of it.  With plates washed up and cleaned away plus the main pots almost complete we set out for the final activity of Day Two, the push ball tournament.

    We had registered two teams in the tournament and the aim of the game was to get the HUGE ball to the other side of the field by just pushing and the ball was not allowed to leave the floor.  Team A went first unfortunately they lost their first match and the other three that were played, sadly Team B had a difficult couple of matches as well and lost their three as well.

    With a busy day coming to a close there was just enough time to get back to camp and have some supper of cheese and biscuits and hot and cold drinks before getting ready for bed.  Sadly it was going to be an early rise for everyone the next day because of doing grass sledging at 9am.

    Day Three

    With the sun rising over the forest and not a sound in camp the leaders arose.  Waking most of the scouts apart from one that was already up and dress and ready to get the kettle on for a cup of tea (that is what we like to see).  It did not take long for the rest of the Patrols to rise with only one or two prompts.  Breakfast this morning was a two stage affair of cooking and eating then washing up after the first activity of the day.  After a number of rounds of Gypsie Toast (aka eggy bread) it was 9am and we joined up with the explorers for Grass Sledging.

    This looked like fantastic fun (apart from the part of carrying the sledges up the hill!).  On a bank there was a run that the sledges went down in a gravel pit that slowed them to a stop.  There was two tracks next to each other allowing the Scouts and Explorers to race each other.  All the leaders did a fantastic job help to carry the sledges from the bottom of the run to the top.   Everyone really enjoyed the grass sledging and racing each other.  Sadly an hour came and went really quickly before it was time to head back to camp for flag break and washing up all those pots and pans!

    The next activity was abseiling after a small amount of free time.  The abseiling was done on the same climbing frame as climbing just on the other side.  Majority of the scouts had not attempted abseiling other than what was done on a climbing wall back to the ground.  So this was a new experience to most people, some people enjoyed it more than others but we certain found a few Scouts that really enjoyed themselves and were very good at it.

    After a quick bite to eat back at the site (and of course more washing up!).  It was time for raft building a the small lake on site.  This was being run by our leadership team with the equipment hired from site.  Sadly the lake was on the other side of the site and was abit of a track before we even started!  Once we had arrived at the lake we had to get the raft built and on the water.  Using alot of square lashings from the Scouts we got the boat ready for its maiden voyage….. would it float? would it just sink?  One of the leaders got on first to test it and thankfully it floated!  Four scouts got on and they paddled out into the lake and around abit, all the lashings held really well before they returned to shore to give the other 4 scouts a go.  After another 5 minutes it was time to swap again.

    Once everyone had had a go on the raft and it survived without any problems it was time to pack up and leave.  Leaving two leaders and a scout behind the rest headed off to the showers to get cleaned up before dinner time.  There was a small amount of free time before getting the fires burning.  Unfortunately the fires werent lit until about 7pm which meant we had dinner quite late this evening at about 9pm.. sadly after the washing up had been done there was not time for the planned wide game and everything was feeling pretty sleepy after a very busy two days.  Tomorrow there was abit of a layin for everyone not having to get up until 8am.

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