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    Summer Camp 2010 – Day Four and Five

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    Day four started with a bit of lay in not having to get out of bed until 8am! The day started with a breakfast of Spam fritters and beans before heading off to the first activity of the day at 10am after doing all the washing up. The first activity of the day was a game of giant table football in an inflatable football pitch. We joined up with the explorers for this activity so that we had 12 players a side. The same as normal football its who ever can score the most that wins. But like table football you are attached to “poles” restricting your movement.  After a couple of goals the teams would swap round to ensure that every just about got a go in a different place.  There was also enough time for a round of Silly Yoya! with Ooo.

    After the table football is was onto probably the bravest thing that we attended this week, going into the “heated” swimming pool.  I think that is most probably the coldest I’ve been in a swimming pool.  Unfortunately the wind was blowing and the sun was not quite out to give us enough warmth.  We were luckly that we had the whole pool to ourselves and we played some silly games with the balls that were around including “Skip in the Middle” plus there was lots of splashing happening with everyone.  The life guard did turn more of the heats on but it did not really make much of a difference, by the end of the hour there was only a couple of fool hardy souls left in the pool.

    After the swimming there was abit of free time before lunch of cheese and ham ploughmans and sadly more washing up.  The afternoons activity was orienteering but just as the activity was about to start the heavens opened and we had to delay the activity while we waited for the weather to clear up.  After about 30 minutes the clouds parted and the sun started to shiny, so the scouts headed out on the orienteering course around the site.  The course headed around the main paths of the sites and was to last for about 30 minutes -> 45 minutes.  The scouts were about 10 -> 15 minutes into the course when the heavens opened again.  After a call on the radios everyone started to head back to site alittle bit wet!  We all gathered in the mess tent after getting out of the wet clothes and having a nice warm drink.

    There was a short amount of free time before it was time to start sorting out dinner that like Day Three was to be cooked on open fires.  This meant that wood had to be gathered and chopped, just as we were starting to light the fires with some damp food its started to rain again but thankfully this only lasted for a few minutes, an hour or so later and the food was cooking on the fires.  Tonights dinner was a lovely sausage cassarole followed by a fruit flan and cream.  Once the washing up for all the equipment was done it was time for the last activity of the day before supper of a camp fire.  The day was rounded off with songs around the camp fire before just enough time for drinks and a biscuits before it was time for bed.  Everyone was in bed and asleep by 10.30 (just about!)

    Day Five

    Alarms went off at 7.30am with the leaders already up and about sorting out breakfast the sleep scouts rose from their tents to put on kettles for teas and coffees.  It was abit of a slow start to day five with everyone feeling quite tidied from all the activities so far.  It was boiled eggs and soliders for breakfast this morning, which was nice and easy for the washer uppers.  The morning activity was a small pioneering project that was done on the main activity field near the main entrance of the site.  Using some of the site poles and alot of tent poles that were brought along from our Scout HQ we made a rocking bridge, unfortunately we could not find a great location for it so had to just use it on the field.  With a great effort from everyone we managed to complete the project in double quick time finishing it by just after midday and giving time for everyone to have a play on it.  Everyone did some fantastic knots and lashings on it so maybe we will have to make this one at the scout hut next term.

    We then had to have a very very quick lunch of sausage rolls and pasta salad organised by the leaders plus washing up before we had to be back near the main activity field for the crate stacking in the afternoon.  For the final time this week we joined up with the Explorers for the crate stacking.  The aim of the activity was to get as high as you could standing on some old milk crates.  There was two people ontop of the crates and two people stacking them up underneath.  Each pair stacking and being ontop were given two goes to see how high they could get before the crates toppled over.  It was great fun watching the stacks go up but even greater watching them fall over with Scouts and Explorers on ropes hanging in the air until the crates were cleared and it was safe to come down.  The explorers managed to get the highest with 9 rows (I think it was) but two of the scouts gave them a run for the money with almost getting 8 rows which was a fantastic score.

    Crate stacking was the last organised activity of the camp before we had to start thinking about striking camp and heading home.  With the rest of the after we started to pack away cooking equipment and ensure it was all clean and tidy.  This is probably the most borrowing part of the camp but the Scouts all chipped in and did a fantastic job to get everything clean and tidly put away.  Some of the frying pans I’ve never seen so clean before.  Tonights evening meal was a BBQ organised and cooked by the leaders so it was a nice easy evening.  With all the wood that had been collected we gathered around a fire for the evening to sing a few songs and talk about the week.  Asking everyones best and worst bits of the camp.  Before long it was time for supper and bed, leaving one more day to go of striking camp!

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