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    Summer Camp 2010 – The final day

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    We awoke on the last day to a lovely morning with the sun streaming through the trees onto the site.   The previous day we had managed to get the first aid tent and one of the dining shelters down so we were all hoping that today would be an easier day!  Breakfast was centrally cooked by the leaders and was the best breakfast of the week of fish finger sandwiches (yes it sounds horrible but is really really nice).  Once breakfast was over and everything was washed up it was time for full kit inspection that we had missed out on the previous day.

    Skip and Paul laid out there kit at one end of the ground sheet and then the Scouts had to layout their kit in the same way.   The boys tent was such a mess we were surprised that they managed to find all there stuff in the first place!  The kit was all laid out really well unfortunately it took slightly longer than planned. This unfortunately meant that we were up against getting all the tents down and we still had quite a few left (Mess Tent, Leaders Tent, Dining Shelter, Patrol Tent and 2 Hike Tents).  With a really push by everyone we managed to get all the tents down by 11.  It was now time to get the kit moved to the explorers site, because they were leaving a day later than us we were leaving our equipment behind for them to transport back later.

    At just about the time that we had to leave the site (12 noon) everyone carried there equipment down to the mini-bus that was waiting to bring us back to home.  After a few presentations (unfortuantely not round the flag pole as planned) we were all just about ready to depart.  We a last rush to the toilet everyone climbed aboard the mini-bus.  I’ve never seen so many sleepy scouts in one place before, by the time we had reached the M25 most of the Scouts were fast asleep!  After a short stop off at Fleet Services to eat our packed lunches we arrived back home at the Scout HQ around 3.30ish.

    Thanks to all the Leaders that helped out over the 6 days and all the people that helped transport Kit and Scouts to the site.  I hope everyone enjoyed the camp and we are already thinking about next year!

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