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    First night of Term

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    It was the first night of term and because of this we decided to have a games night.  As normal we had flag break, but since it was the first night of term we decided to skip patrol inspections.  We welcomed five cubs to there first term of Scouts, some had joined us last term for camp ovens as a taster evening to scouts.

    The first round of games were a number of team relay games, starting with a favourite get your team to the other side of the stream.  The scouts were divided into four teams, that using floor tiles as stones had to navigate across the stream actually maybe it was more of a river!  The twist to this game was that someone had to be touching the floor tile at all times otherwise it got washed away.  The second relay game was a hoopla and knots challenge, the course was simple.  Get two hoops over the the skittle and then run and tie a reef knot.

    The next game was abit more energetic with the scouts being split into 2 teams and playing hookey, if my mind serves it was abit of a white wash with one of the teams winning hands down.  The cubs then had a small membership session explaining alittle about scouts while the rest of the scouts played a quiet game in the hall.  The aim of this game was with the scouts sat in a circle they had to attempt to get the keys from under a chair in the middle which had a bindfolded scout trying to locate them.

    The name couple of games are my favourite of head and catch with a twist, the scouts are in a circle and they have to head or catch the ball dependent on what is said by the thrower in the middle of the circle.  The twist is that if head is shouted they have to catch, and if catch is shouted they have to head!  Following on from this game was Duck and Egg, again with the scouts in the circle they have to set the duck off going in one direction and then there is a egg in the middle being thrown to the scouts that has to be returned to the thrower.  If either the duck or the egg or both are dropped then they are out and have to sit down.  We made it more complicated by adding a second duck going in the opposite direction….

    The final game of the evening was poison well, with all the Scouts joining hands to stop themselves being pulled over the poison well in the middle.  Its a fantastic game if just alittle painful on the wrists.  With the evening coming to an end we gathered again for flag down before finishing a couple of minutes before 9pm.

    Do not forget that Subs are due for all Scouts.

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