• Nov

    Last nights troop evening started with flag break from the Kestrels patrol.  This evening we were having a games night for abit of a change because the Scouts had been working so hard over the last few weeks (with first aid, hiking and fire lighting).   The first game was a new take on Martions called Kangaroo Sumo, where the aim of the game was to knock your opponent off balance or to step out of the ring.  This was a very one sided game with one team winning most of the rounds.  The second game we played was also a new game of a different take on cricket.  There are two teams with a bowler throwing a soft ball for the “batter” to head the ball, the batter then have to run to the other end of the hall and back again to score a run.  If they were hit below the knee then they were out.  After a couple of practice games we had two innerings per team.

    The third game was protect your chair, each Scout had a chair that they had to protect.  There was a number of balls being kicked around the hall and the aim was to be the last scout standing where a ball had not hit your chair.  With three different winners of protect the chair it was a interest set of games.  We then moved on to an old favourite of cat and mouse with a parachute.  Tag the mouse by the cats, the mouse were under the parachute and the cats onto, with the rest of the troop shaking it up and down to make if difficult for the cats to find.  The last game was a very quick game of crab football before it was time to fall in.

    We welcome 5 new members to the troop with there investiture and we also gave out alot of badges to other members of the troop for first aid stage 5.

    Please remember that some subs are still due and do not forget about the Christmas carol Concert that is on the 12th December in Romsey.

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  • Nov

    HikeLast weeks troop meeting was a night hike through Rownhams woods.  The troop gathered at the entrance to Rownhams wood in the little car park, once all the scouts were there we headed off into the night leaving the road behind us.  Heading along the main path we head deeper into the woods past the little stream and up the hill heading towards Chilworth.  As we continued the path got smaller and wetter and muddier!  After we got past the mud we headed to the end of Rownhams woods and crossed a small stile into Chilworth Manor Hotel Grounds and headed towards the hotel through the tree circle and pass the pond before cross a field to the hotel.  The walk continued through the car park and down the drive of the hotel.  After a short walk along the drive and a footpath we reentered the forest and had a quick sweet break.

    After the sweet break we heading further into the forest again following a small path that lead us back to the drive of the hotel before talking the next path off the drive heading back into the forest.  Winding our way through the woods we arrived back at the stile to reenter Rownhams woods before making our way back along the path (past all the muddy parts) and arriving back at the car park at 8.55.

    Next week we will be back at the Scout Hut as normal.

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  • Nov

    HikeTonight’s Troop meeting is a night hike, we have decided to move the hike from Farley Mount to Rownhams Woods because its a shorter distance to travel.  Please meet at the car park for Rownhams woods at the normal time and ensure that you have brought your permissions forms.  Skip will have some just incase.  Parents are welcome to join us on the walk and we should be arriving back to the Rownhams Woods car park by 9pm.

    Please wear warm clothing because it will be cold even though we will be walking through the woods, please also ensure you have a good torch with you.  The paths can be muddy around the forest so please wear appropriate shoes.

    See you all tonight


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  • Nov

    Last weeks Scout meeting was the last session towards the first aid badge.  The evening started as normal with Flag break from Falcons, followed by a quick and quiet game of wink murder at least most was quiet apart from the acting.  It was followed by an even quicker game of capture the keys, the aim of the game is to capture the keys from beneath the blindfolded Scout that is sat on the chair.

    It was then on with the first aid activities of the evening, after a recap on previous first aid that had been covered it was on with the some small areas that we had not had time to cover in other evenings.  This was mainly looking at the signs and symptoms of poisoning and what you could do about it.  The rest of the evening was for the scouts to use the information that they had learned over the previous troop nights to create a presentation on a specific health problem.  They should identify the symptoms of the problem and understand how to treat it.  All the patrols did fantastic presentations on their topics and two of the patrols did some fine acting.

    With the evening running out of time there was just enough time to present one of our Scouts with the highest honor that a scout can achieve the Gold Chief Scouts Award.  That is the second award in as many months.

    Please remember next week is a night hike starting at Rownhams Woods

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  • Nov

    Thankyou to all the Scouts that came to the Remembrance Day Service and Parade today at All Saints Church in North Baddesley.

    Thankfully the rain just held off for the parade to the War Memorial.

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  • Nov

    Wow has it really been that long since I’ve posted about our troop nights.

    The troop evening started with Eagles breaking the flag ready and then it was straight into inspection.  Following a quick inspection it was time for the newer Scouts to continue on their Membership award while the rest of the troop played a game.  Two of the Scouts ran the Hockey Game (Not sure what its officially called), the troop is split into two teams and the object of the game is to score a goal using the hockey sticks and puck.  After a number of games of which I think the red team were the eventually winners.  The Scouts doing their membership award rejoined us to continue with the First Aid Badge.

    Over the previous two weeks before half term the troop has been working there way towards the Emergency Aid Stage 5 badge.  This week a number of topics were covered including:

    • Nose Bleeds
    • How to call 999
    • Asthma
    • Fractures
    • Elevation Slings

    A recap was also done on the previous two weeks.  The Scouts had some practice on putting an elevation sling onto a patient before time was up for the evening, with just enough time for a quick game to round off the evening.  Two patrol leaders led a very quick game before it was time to fall in for flag down.  We had to stop the game abit early this week because there was a number of Challenge badges to be presented across the troop.

    Next week is the last week of First Aid, so if you have been at every First Aid evening you will have gained your stage five emergency aid badge.

    Just a couple of notices to remind you of:

    • There are still a couple of subs that are due in
    • The Scout Carole Service is not too far away and if you would like to get involved please speak with Skip.
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