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    First Aid – 8th November

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    Wow has it really been that long since I’ve posted about our troop nights.

    The troop evening started with Eagles breaking the flag ready and then it was straight into inspection.  Following a quick inspection it was time for the newer Scouts to continue on their Membership award while the rest of the troop played a game.  Two of the Scouts ran the Hockey Game (Not sure what its officially called), the troop is split into two teams and the object of the game is to score a goal using the hockey sticks and puck.  After a number of games of which I think the red team were the eventually winners.  The Scouts doing their membership award rejoined us to continue with the First Aid Badge.

    Over the previous two weeks before half term the troop has been working there way towards the Emergency Aid Stage 5 badge.  This week a number of topics were covered including:

    • Nose Bleeds
    • How to call 999
    • Asthma
    • Fractures
    • Elevation Slings

    A recap was also done on the previous two weeks.  The Scouts had some practice on putting an elevation sling onto a patient before time was up for the evening, with just enough time for a quick game to round off the evening.  Two patrol leaders led a very quick game before it was time to fall in for flag down.  We had to stop the game abit early this week because there was a number of Challenge badges to be presented across the troop.

    Next week is the last week of First Aid, so if you have been at every First Aid evening you will have gained your stage five emergency aid badge.

    Just a couple of notices to remind you of:

    • There are still a couple of subs that are due in
    • The Scout Carole Service is not too far away and if you would like to get involved please speak with Skip.
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