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    Last nights troop evening started with flag break from the Kestrels patrol.  This evening we were having a games night for abit of a change because the Scouts had been working so hard over the last few weeks (with first aid, hiking and fire lighting).   The first game was a new take on Martions called Kangaroo Sumo, where the aim of the game was to knock your opponent off balance or to step out of the ring.  This was a very one sided game with one team winning most of the rounds.  The second game we played was also a new game of a different take on cricket.  There are two teams with a bowler throwing a soft ball for the “batter” to head the ball, the batter then have to run to the other end of the hall and back again to score a run.  If they were hit below the knee then they were out.  After a couple of practice games we had two innerings per team.

    The third game was protect your chair, each Scout had a chair that they had to protect.  There was a number of balls being kicked around the hall and the aim was to be the last scout standing where a ball had not hit your chair.  With three different winners of protect the chair it was a interest set of games.  We then moved on to an old favourite of cat and mouse with a parachute.  Tag the mouse by the cats, the mouse were under the parachute and the cats onto, with the rest of the troop shaking it up and down to make if difficult for the cats to find.  The last game was a very quick game of crab football before it was time to fall in.

    We welcome 5 new members to the troop with there investiture and we also gave out alot of badges to other members of the troop for first aid stage 5.

    Please remember that some subs are still due and do not forget about the Christmas carol Concert that is on the 12th December in Romsey.

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