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    This week’s troop meeting was a special cooking challenge for the patrols to work as teams to cook a meal.  After flag break all the patrols were shown how to put up the new cooking stands and then it was on with setting up their cooking areas.  We ever finished first in there setup got to choose which meal to cook.  There was two on offer Ham Rissotto and Chicken Stew.  The patrols were to be marked on presentation, taste, teamwork and hygiene.

    Eagles and Kestrels were cooking the Chicken Stew with Hawks and Falcon cooking the Ham Rissotto.  With all the cooking areas setup and gas connected it was on with the preparing for the meals.  After chopping, slicing and peeling it was time to get the first parts of each meal into the pans.  Unfortunately a couple of the patrols had their stoves on alittle too high and the onions came up alittle bit black!  With more and more ingredients going into the pans and the time ticking away it was almost time for washing up to start :-).

    With some patrol members looking after the stoves the rest of the patrols members did the washing up, it was almost time for the taste tested.  Two leaders were to rate the patrols on the tastiness of the food and also the presentation of the food.  We had planned to make a pudding but with time running out and lots of dishes to wash it was all hands to the wash bowls to ensure everything was clean and dry to put away into the store.

    Unfortunately there wasnt time to present some of the badges that were needed to be given out so they will have to wait for next term.  Please remember that some subs are still due.  Next week is the last scout meeting of this term so its Party time :-).  For next weeks troop meeting could everyone please bring alittle something alone for food.

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