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    New Zealand Scouts LogoNew Zealand Scouts have setup an appeal to aid the Earthquake victims of Christchurch.  Sponsor a blanket costs about £4 to get blankets to the devastated town.  If you would like to sponsor a blanket go to the New Zealand Scout Website or follow the links on Scouts.org.uk.

    I would not usually put something like this up, but since two of our Scouts moved to New Zealand in the last month I thought it was more closer to home to our Scouts.


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    Just a quick reminder that there is no scouts tonight, its HALF TERM :-).

    See you next week.


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    Active KidsActive Kids 2011 has started again at Sainburys, so when you are shopping please remember to pick-up your vouchers and bring them along to the next Scout meeting.

    Give the vouchers to the leader or place them into the box in the main hall.  With all the vouchers collected it will enable us to get some great new equipment.

    Last year we got a indoor curling set (including target, poles and indoor stones), storage boxes and some other minor things.

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    The Scout evening started as normal with inspection and flag break. We then had a quick game of indoor head cricket, the troop is split into two teams with one “batting” and the other fielding. The aim is to get a run by running to the other side of the hall and back again without getting hit by the ball. It was a close run game between the two teams, and unfortunately I cannot remember who won.

    It was then on with the evenings activities, firstly we a quick recap of some basic knots and lashings which Skip constructed the main activity of the evening.  The activity is called the Jack of Clubs but since it was Valentines day we renamed it to being the Queen of Hearts.  The Queen of Hearts has been captured and placed into a tower that the Scouts must break into and free her.  But there is a catch, its dark and there is a security light combing the area, and if the Scout is caught in the light then they have to go to jail for two minutes.  With the supplied equipment they have to burn there way though the security cordon and avoid ending up in the acid.  Here’s a picture of the tower in our Scout Hut before the Scouts started the activity.

    Early on in the activity two Scouts were caught by the light and sent to jail, all the patrols were working well together and creating there poles to burn their way through the security cordon.  Two patrols got there devices ready first and were in a race to get through the cordon.  Eagles got a good start but Hawks started to catch them up, with them both trying to burn the last wire.  Kestrals and Falcon had got there burner up and running and were starting on their second wire.

    Eagles just pipped Hawks to the prize and freed the Queen of Hearts first.  It was then time to pack everything away for flag down and some quick notices:

    • There are a couple of subs still outstanding for this term
    • Its half term next week so there is no Scouts and the week after its indoor football.
    • Winter Camp is coming up so if you would like to go then get the permission forms and money to Skip before the end of this week.

    Hope everyone has a great half term and see you next week


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    If you are interested in caving have a look at the Hampshire Scout Caving Newsletter.

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    Troop Night

    The Troop evening started as normal with flag break and inspection before the patrol leaders ran a quick game of Head and catch with an extra twist. Playing the game normally before the person in the middle shouting all change and the players had to swap there actions. So Head became catch and catch became head.

    The main activity of the evening was Bet you Can’t, there was a number of different activities lined up for the Scouts to attempt.  Every activity completed and checked by a leader scored points for their patrol.  The activities ranged from Scout skills like maps and compasses to balloon modeling.  For a hour of the meeting it was frantic making cups of tea for the leaders, solving puzzles and making some very very strange looking animals out of balloons!  Even Skip joined in to make a balloon Giraffe which sadly popped.  Half way through the evening it was a close run thing between the patrols, with only a few points in it.  Each patrol worked well together but one patrol was the winner so congratulations to Hawks with 270 points I believe.

    After a quick tidy up of the hall there was just enough time for a game of quarter ball, with each patrol having a quarter of the hall and four balls being thrown around that the leaders had to keep track of.  It was then time to gather round the flag for flag down and notices.  The main notice was Winter Camp has been confirmed (well more like a spring camp really) on the 11th -> 13th March at a cost of £25 at copythorne campsite, everyone was given information about the camp.  There are also a couple of subs left to be paid for the term please can you get these in ASAP.

    See you all next week


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    A few weeks ago we held a troop forum during our Troop meeting, which helps the leaders understand what everyone is enjoying and how we could improve the scouting activities.  The night was broken down into a number of parts, likes and dislikes, what games do you like playing? and what badges would like like to attempt? and activities you would like to do?  All this information would then be used to feed into the next few terms meetings.

    Firstly the likes and dislikes, each patrol was asked to put likes and dislikes onto large pieces of paper which were pinned to one of the notice boards. Each Scout then had a vote for the likes and dislikes which were then discussed about what they liked and how we could improve on the dislikes.


    • Cooking – 3 Vote
    • Trips – 3 Votes
      • Laser Quest
      • Crate Stacking
      • Swimming
      • Water Sports
    • Outside Activities – 3 Votes
      • more Often
      • Use Field More
      • Cricket
      • Water Fight
      • Mini Olympics
      • Fox and Hounds
      • Orienteering
      • Shelter Building
      • Pioneering
      • Hikes
      • Wide games
      • Bike rides
      • Caving
    • Meeting Friends – 3 Votes
      • Break time
    • Table football – 1 Vote
    • More Camps – 1 vote
    • Its History – 1 Vote
    • Games – 1 vote
    • Water Sports
    • Wide games – it is so fun
    • Indoor and outdoor caving
    • Campfires


    • First Aid – 8 Votes
      • More Casuatly Sims
      • More Practicals
    • Inspections – 6 Votes
      • Quicker
      • More variety in the trips for the winning team
    • Crab Football – 1 Vote
    • Knots – 1 Vote
    • Sessions without Games
    • Uniform – Uncomfortable and Heavy
    • Maps
    • Writing
    • Orienteering

    Now the results for the activities and badges that were of interest:


    Survival Skills Activity Badge
    Parasending Activity Badge
    Circus Skills Activity Badge
    Equestrian Activity Badge
    Mechanic Activity Badge
    Power coxswain Activity Badge
    Craft Activity Badge
    Chief Scouts Award


    • Swimming
    • Scuba Diving
    • Banana Boating
    • Mini Olympics on the field
    • Ringo
    • Cycling
    • Surfing
    • Canoeing
    • Sailing
    • Making a Simulator
    • Craft (ie Painting)
    • Marshal Arts (ie Jujitzu)
    • Snowboarding / Skiing
    • Rifle Shooting
    • Archery
    • Wide Games / Capture the flag
    • Climbing
    • Outdoor / Indoor Caving
    • Pioneering

    Lastly were the best games with the stars (there was alot with 5 stars!)

    5 Stars

    • Hockey
    • Eddy Longball
    • Dodgeball
    • Table Football
    • Keeper of the Keys
    • Poison Well
    • Football Match
    • Balloon Wide Game
    • Obstacle Courses
    • Wacky Racer
    • Kangaroo Sumo
    • BucketBall

    4 Stars

    • Head and Catch
    • Quarter Ball
    • Ladders
    • Rounder
    • Cricket
    • Fox and Hounds
    • Tug of War
    • Scorpians Tale
    • 3 Way tug of War

    3 Stars

    • Tube Stack
    • Cat and Mouse

    2 Stars

    • Martians
    • Crab Football
    • Water Fight

    1 Stars

    • Wink Murder
    • Head Cricket
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    Troop Night

    Firstly sorry for missing so many meetings from the blog, I’m going to be playing catch up over the next day or so with what the troop has been up to over the past couple of weeks.

    Last Monday the troop meeting started as normal with Flag break and inspection, this week was a Patrol Leaders first time as he had been recently promoted from APL to PL. We then played a new game that Skip had found called Stations. The aim of the game (similar to music chairs) was to not be the person standing in the middle, each scout was sat on a chair in a circle and was given a London Underground station name which they kept for the rest of the game. A leader woud call out two or more station names and the aim was to not be the person standing, to add interest to the game you could call all change and all the Scouts had to move seats but they could use the 2 seats either side of them. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the game but before you know it Skip was losing his voice shouting over the noise of scouts running around.

    Next it was on to the next activity which was to build a build across a grab of 40cms (between two benches). Each patrol had unlimited funds to construct their bridge, however the winning bridge would not be the one that could carry the most weight it was all on how much it cost per weight. To add some interest the leaders would be entering a bridge into the competition as well which would be made at he same time as the rest of the patrols. Each patrol was given a few minutes to think about their bridge and look at the price list, then it was on with the building of the bridges. 30 minutes later it was time for the competition to begin, each bridge was slightly different and we were using torch batteries as the weights which we mulitplied up by 1000. The first patrol to be tested was kestrals and there bridge managed to hold 68,000 kg (68 batteries before we actually ran out of torch batteries!), the rest of the troops bridges held between 30 -> 66 torch batteries. It was then time for the leaders bridge which only managed 2000 kg.

    The final winner if I remember correctly was Falcon (I hope I’ve got that right) with the leaders coming in second place because they only spent about £450 on there bridge. Well done to everyone the bridges were really really good and managed to carry alot of weight.

    Next week its bet you can’t…..

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