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    The Queen of Hearts is free

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    The Scout evening started as normal with inspection and flag break. We then had a quick game of indoor head cricket, the troop is split into two teams with one “batting” and the other fielding. The aim is to get a run by running to the other side of the hall and back again without getting hit by the ball. It was a close run game between the two teams, and unfortunately I cannot remember who won.

    It was then on with the evenings activities, firstly we a quick recap of some basic knots and lashings which Skip constructed the main activity of the evening.  The activity is called the Jack of Clubs but since it was Valentines day we renamed it to being the Queen of Hearts.  The Queen of Hearts has been captured and placed into a tower that the Scouts must break into and free her.  But there is a catch, its dark and there is a security light combing the area, and if the Scout is caught in the light then they have to go to jail for two minutes.  With the supplied equipment they have to burn there way though the security cordon and avoid ending up in the acid.  Here’s a picture of the tower in our Scout Hut before the Scouts started the activity.

    Early on in the activity two Scouts were caught by the light and sent to jail, all the patrols were working well together and creating there poles to burn their way through the security cordon.  Two patrols got there devices ready first and were in a race to get through the cordon.  Eagles got a good start but Hawks started to catch them up, with them both trying to burn the last wire.  Kestrals and Falcon had got there burner up and running and were starting on their second wire.

    Eagles just pipped Hawks to the prize and freed the Queen of Hearts first.  It was then time to pack everything away for flag down and some quick notices:

    • There are a couple of subs still outstanding for this term
    • Its half term next week so there is no Scouts and the week after its indoor football.
    • Winter Camp is coming up so if you would like to go then get the permission forms and money to Skip before the end of this week.

    Hope everyone has a great half term and see you next week


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