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    Time for abit of a catch up on what we have been up to, its been a busy few weeks for the Scout Group.

    Indoor Football

    A few weeks ago the Scout meeting was on a Friday and we all met up at Flemming Park for a game of indoor football. With 10 Scouts we split into two teams with two leaders playing as well (because it was a huge pitch!). 30 minutes of play it was time to swap the teams round with another 30 minutes of play again. Everyone had a great time and 10 tired Scouts and 3 tired Leaders we left the indoor football pitch after an hour, everyone had a great time. Hopefully we will be able to organise another trip in the Winter Term.

    Pancake Night

    PancakesOn the Monday after football it was our Scout Evening as normal at the Scout hut (since it was so close to pancake night on Tuesday). The troop evening started as normal with flag break and inspection, before getting straight on with the pancake making. Each patrol was provided with the equipment, recipe and ingredients to make 16 pancakes each. Within a few minutes the hall was a hive of activity getting all the equipment setup and starting to mix the ingredients. I cannot remember which patrol was the first to flip their pancakes but everyone was getting involved cooking and eating there pancakse, even the leaders managed to get one each. As the evening continued it was time to start packing away.

    Unfortunately with pancakes there is quite abit of mess to be cleaned up meaning lots of washing up to be done before we could play a quick game. Hawks worked really well all evening and were the first to finish their washing up and pack equipment away. Just before we ended there was just enough time for a quick game of scorpians tale, before it was time for flag down.

    District Winter Camp

    Last weekend it was that time again for District Winter Camp…. thankfully it was much warm this year than last year. The Scouts arrived on Friday night at dusk to setup their tents for the weekend before having supper and getting some sleep for the day of activities ahead.

    On Saturday is most probably an eariler start than normal for most of them, having to get up and have breakfast before a full day of activities that included Shooting, Archery and many other fun activities.

    On Sunday it was the Sextant Trophy which is a hike around the area of the camp that the scouts need to plan and then follow there route. Congratulations to our Scouts that demonstrated some fantastic Scouts skills getting very high marks on bearings, grid references and following of the route. Before heading home there was tents to be put down before the Sextant trophy results were announced and the trophy was awarded to the winning team. Congratulations to 6th Lockerley that won the trophy by 25pts from 4th Bramshaw. I hope everyone had a fantastic time on the camp and see you at the next camp.


    The last Scout meeting on Monday was held at the Quays in Southampton where we were joined by 13 Scouts for a fun swim session in the fun pool. We were only there for an hour but it was a fun evening for everyone, the slide was open for alittle bit while we were there. Next swimming session we think will be a cycle and swim to the Rapids in Romsey.

    See you all as normal next week.

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    Sorry for the lack of updates, I will be doing them this week I promise…..

    Please remember that we are swimming tonight at the Quay in Southampton, a leader will be there with his necker on outside the Sports centre for when you arrive.  Please ensure you arrive before 18.45 to give us time to change and get into the swimming pool.  Also do not forget your money.

    We will finish at 8pm and meet parents inside the main building.

    See you tonight


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    PancakesDo not forget Scouts for tomorrow evening.  Its Pancake night :-).

    See you all there


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