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    Troop Night

    We have had a busy couple of weeks at the scout troop, this is a quick recap of the last two weeks of the spring term before the really long Easter break ahead of us. Please remember that Scouts does not start again until the 9th May and e first two weeks are canoeing.


    28th March – Games Night
    The troop meeting started as normal with flag break and inspection before the first game of the evening. Since it was the last meeting of the term at the Scout Hut we decide to have a games night starting off with the wide game capture the flag. the troop was split into two terms and a base was created at each side of the field, aim of the game as normal was to capture the flag from the oppositions base. The first game (if memory serves) was won by the red team who manage to capture then flag and get it back to the yellow base. We again with the teams in the same bases and this one ended in a draw, after 10 minutes one of the flags had moved from the base but it didn’t make it back to the other base.

    Taking a short break for a quick drink of water before the two teams swapped base for another two games, unfortunately both of these games ended in stalemate. As the evening closed in because the clocks had only just gone back we had to head inside for more games.

    As requested by the Scouts we played a quick game of dodge ball with the two terms playing really well and the games both lasted a long time. There was just time for one more game which I think was three way tug of war. With the final game over we had flag down.

    4th April – Record office trip
    The final meeting of term was held in Winchester at the Hampshire Record office. We met the archivist at 7.30 where he introduced the record office and what records they held on file plus some of the notable records they hold like letter from Florence Nightingale when she was young. It also had a number for records and pictures about local Scouting. The oldest records that they had was quite old I cannot remember the date but it was about 1000ish years old. He showed how damaged records can repaired by the Hampshire team.

    After the introduction to the record office we headed into the search room, from the search room there were a number of old maps of Romsey showing how it had changed over a number of years. Plus we were able to use the microfiche machines to look at birth, death and marriage records by parish.

    Searching the available documents we were able to see that they held one record on 15th North baddesley Scouts to do with the old HQ that we had. It was a fascinating evening and don’t forget about the heritage badge that can be done with the information that we found and abit more research.

    Hope everyone has had a great term and the leaders are already planning for the next term. Do not forget to return your caneoing forms to Skip before the beginning of next term, and remember it’s St Georges Day Parade on Sunday in Romsey Abbey. I’ll be sending out an email tonight with canoeing forms and parade information.

    See you on Sunday

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