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    Cleaning cleaning cleaning

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    Congratulations to our team that was in the Pulborough trophy they came a fantastic 9th place and hopefully they had a fantastic time. The Pulborough trophy is a great opportunity to practice all those scouting skills.

    Unfortunately due to the weather over the weekend the scouts at this weeks troop meeting where met by lots of drying tents and some really horrible ground sheets. The plan of action was to get everything clean, dry and packed away and then play games (suppose to be field games but again due to weather we would have to be playing indoors).

    The first scouts that arrived were tasks with cleaning the ground sheets of all the dirty and some very stick mess that was on one!!! The second arrivals had to do the had part and get the dry tents down from the hanging and fold them into their bags.

    While all this was going on Skip was searching through the rest of the kit to ensure it was all clean and ready to be put away. Sadly it turned out that there was quite abit of washing up that was needed to be done, meaning as the scouts started to finish there first jobs it was time to wash up. They did a fantastic job on the watching up and the pots, pans and kettles were fantastically cleaned.

    Ooo from cubs came to join us and with spirits flagging she cooked up a batch of camp doughnuts and drinks.

    Thanks to all the scouts for helping clean and tidy the kit, everyone did a fantastic job and means that when we get it out for summer camp it will be nice and clean.

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