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    On Sunday 14th August, I, Skip, Oo, Skips’s Mum and Dad, and other people from scouts went on a 24 mile bike ride from the Scout Hut to Southampton, on the Southampton Sky Ride. From the Scout Hut we went along to Rownhams wood where we cycled along gravel and mud paths, By the time I had got to the muddy path Ben had led everyone on apart from me, John, Skip, Mark because I had no gears, I found it hard to get up hills so they were helping me to get my bike over the mud part and not cycling on without me which helped. Soon we got to Southampton Sports centre grounds. At first, it was nice and flat. That wasn’t so bad and then downhill that was very fast but then the biggest hill ever. As I watched the others cycle up with no stops I started to push my bike up the hill it was vey hard but I did it.

    Then it was a matter of cycling into Southampton. The ride would start from the town hall and finish there as well. As we went along there were a lot of hills but the downhills were very fun. As we started to come round to the docks I saw the red funnel ship, lots of container ships and a car transporter. The ride went round the Eastern docks and back. Soon lunch time came, and we all sat outside the library and had our lunch on the grass and watched the cyclist go by. After that we went round again. Soon Kate joined us at the park and went round. Ben on the other hand went round four times and still cycled home.

    On the way back we stopped off at the ice cream van and had an ice cream then a flat ride back til the next lot of hills came round. Through the Sports Centre over the motorway bridge and back in to Chilworth and then stopped off at the Chilworth Arms. As I was getting off my bike my legs gave way. I sat down and drank my drink that Oo had got for me and thought about if I should cycle back, but I cycled back to North Baddesley and home.

    My favourite part was when we were cycling around the docks area and my worst part was when we went up the hills. Thank you for all the people who helped me up the hills and all th great laughs and chat that I had. So thank you very much and can’t wajt for next year’s sky ride.

    James B

    (James did all 24 miles on his small bike with no gears – quite an achievement!)

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