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    Last nights of Summer Term

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    Troop Night

    Wow is it really almost the start of the winter term, it seems like only yesterday that we were at summer camp in Lockerley. I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer break.

    Just a few things to tidy up from last term that I didn’t get change to write about.

    4th July – Movie Effects Night

    We had a special guest this night to help us with Movie effects, showing the Scouts how movies create some of the special effects for blockbuster movies.  The evening started as normal with a inspection and a quick game before we split into 4 groups to go around the bases.  Two bases were inside and the other outside, inside we had how to make fake snow and fake injuries.  The fake injuries were very funny when a scout with a piece of fake glass and a large wound walks up to you.  Outside we had a couple of bases showing how movies perform little explosions.  Also in the evening as promised we performed the coke and mentos experiment that we attempted a couple of terms ago but it didn’t go very well last time.

    Unfortunately the rest of the evenings in the term were abit interesting due to the weather (good old british summer time!) meaning that the normal plan went slightly to pieces.

    26th July – Camp Ovens

    Thankfully the weather held out for us (just!) to do camp ovens on the last night of term.  We also invited the new cubs to join us on this evening to show them what Scouts was like.  The camp ovens involve digging trenches in the ground and placing the camp ovens over them, before covering them in mud.  Once completely covered in mud its time to start getting the fire going underneath.  Sadly our fire expert wasn’t there that evening and with damp conditions at the back of the Scout Hut we struggled to get the fires going.  Eventually we had three good fires burning nicely and the food in the ovens cooking away (mini pizzas).  As seems to be normal with camp ovens we over ran slightly ending at about 9.15 -> 9.30pm.

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