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    DIY Golf

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    Last Monday we had a go at DIY Golf. Lacking the landscape of St Andrews, we made do with what was in our store to create our very own crazy golf course. Some were more playable than others. With 40 minutes to construct their hole, there was a variety of ‘craziness’ involved, with drainpipes used to create an elevated run and tug of war robe used to shape an area of the course. Once the course was completed, each patrol was given a scorecard, with five minutes to play each hole. At the end of the evening the scores were averaged out, with Kestrels winning the challenge.

    We also played a great game this evening. Most people were sat in the circle, alternating teams (red/yellow) with six sitting on the ‘sofa’ outside of the circle. Everyone got a card with someone else’s name on it – and had to move when that name was called out (not their name). the aim was to get all six people sitting on the sofa from the same team. It was a good test of memory!

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