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    Photography BadgeFirstly I’ll like to apologise for the lack of updates to the site I’m not sure where the time has gone over the last few weeks.  So here is a recap of the two photography evenings that we have done recently.

    The aim of the photography evening was to do all the parts towards the photography badge, with just the final section for the scouts to bring in some photographs to complete the badge.  All the requirements for the badge can be found on scouts.org.uk.

    Within their patrols the scouts did two bases each week to learn about photography and stop motion film making.  The first base was depth of field, this shows how the camera can focus on an object near and far. Using close up shots of a boot, we looked at how focussing on different aspects of the object changed the image. More information about Depth of Field can be found on Wikipedia. Another base was looking at how exposure length altered photographs. There are lots of examples of this on the internet – for example we looked at these pictures. Stop motion pictures were done using lego to make mini movies, with photographs taken after every move. Finally, scouts got the opportunity to look at colour balance in photography.

    All Scouts who completed the two photography evenings and can provide evidence of their photography skills – using six photographs in different styles – will get the photography badge.

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