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    Fire, Fire, Fire

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    It was a quite evening after the half term break with only 12 scouts joining us for the evening.  So rather than doing the global activities that were planned we decided to do fire-lighting and with some leftovers from the District first aid weekend we hoped to make Campfire Doughnuts.

    Before we got going we did a quick recap on how to use an axe because unfortunately due to the wet weather during the day there was not much kindling to help light the fires meaning we had to make our own.  Using the scouts were split into two groups to sort out there fire ensuring that the three things needed for a fire where correct (heat, oxygen, fuel).  In a short time both groups had managed to get there fires light and were adding the larger pieces of wood to ensure it would not go out and would be hot enough to cook on.

    While the Scouts had been lighting the fires a leader had been busy in the kitchen creating batter for the camp doughnuts and buttering and jamming alot of bread.

    With time running short we had a quick game of quarter ball in patrols before the end of the evening.

    Do not forget that there are some subs still outstanding for this term, please ensure that you bring the money along at the next meeting.

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