• Jan

    Don’t forget for this weeks meeting we need lots and lots of newspaper.  The more newspaper we have the better / easier the activity will be.

    See you all tomorrow


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  • Jan

    The Scout Association has started a competition between all the Scout sections across the country in relation to the Olympics that are happening this year. At last weeks meeting we did a few of these suggested activities from this competition.  The first game we played was co-operation circles, all the scouts stood in a circle with a cane and a leader shouted out how many places to go either left or right they had to let go of the cane they had and get hold of the one that was shouted out.  We played a few rounds of this before playing Diversity Bingo, the aim of the game was to fill out the bingo board with names of people within the troop that had done these things.  With a prize going to the first person with a vertical / horizontal line and the last prize for bingo.

    The final activity of the evening was extreme Sandwich making, the patrols were split up into pairs (or almost pairs) and within these pair the aim was to make a sandwich…. sounds easy until you are blind folded and have to be directly through making your sandwich by your partner.  The sandwiches they had to make were cheese and ham sandwiches with butter.  There were some interesting sandwiches by the end of the activity, cutting the cheese and buttering the bread turned out to be the hardest things to judge and so you could get a very uneven sandwich.

    The last game of the night was a little cut short due to the number of badges that were needed to be presented and also the investiture of one of our Scouts.

    Just a few things to remember:

    • Subs for this term are due
    • We need newspaper for next weeks activity
    • District Winter Camp is coming up so if you are interested get your forms in as soon as possible.
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  • Jan

    Hello everyone and happy new year.

    Last week we started with an old favourite – Indoor Caving – and we have lots of other activities planned for the rest of term.

    On Monday’s meeting we’ll be giving out a copy of the new term’s newsletter, and check your email accounts for details of the District Winter Camp, which will be held 17th-19th February.


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