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    Troop Night

    Wow I cannot believe another three weeks have passed this term already.

    Its been a busy few weeks with lots of different activities ranging from the Global Challenge Badge to the Creative Challenge Badge.

    7th November

    We played a new game this week (called Indian Cat and Mouse), all the Scouts were in four lines with there arms out stretched.  The cat had to chase the mouse between the rows of scouts.  To add to the confusion a leader would shout out change and the rows of Scouts moved their arms by 90 degrees changing the rows.  This might help or hinder the cat attempting to catch the mouse.  The activity for this week was thinking around the global challenge, needs and wants leading to the Rights Balloon Game.  First in their patrols they came up with a list of needs and wants, what do you need to live and what would you like to live? (for example water / food / shelter and Computer Games / TV / Chocolate).  After a discussion with the troop with each patrol providing two needs and two wants we moved onto the rights balloon game.  Each patrol was placed into a circle, 30 balloons were thrown into the circle and the aim was to keep as many in the air as possible, if they were dropped or leave the circle then they were discounted.  Each balloon was worth a certain number of points, they had 1 minute to keep them in the air.  When this time was up they were given there final points tally.  Using these points they could “spend” them on a list of items (similar to needs and wants).  Followed by a brief discussion about what and why they chose what they did.

    14th November

    The activity for this evening was puzzles…. four puzzles were setup for the Scouts to try.  The tower of Hanoi was the simplest of the puzzles where there was 5 boxes that had to be moved from one location to the other via one intermediate location.  The only rule is that a large box cannot be on top of a smaller box.  The scouts were timed to see how fast they could do it and also how few a moves they could do it in.  The second puzzle was a difficult one with a cane, it sounds simple enough.  Line all the scouts up so that there are two equal lines they all put out there index finger and a line cane is placed on top of the fingers.  The challenge is to place the cane on the floor without it leaving anyones index finger.  I don’t think any of the patrols managed to achieve this puzzle it always seems to go up rather than down…..

    The third puzzle was more of an obstacle course, each scout was given a tube cut in half to transport the golf ball and with the rest of the patrol they had to get as many golf balls as they could from start to finish using these tubes.  Once they had the ball in their tube they could not move there feet meaning the golf ball had to be passed on.  The final puzzle was a nice relaxing one…. there was seven chairs and the aim was to get the three scouts on one side to change places with the scouts on the other side, the simple puzzle was you could hop over any one to get to the next position.  The harder puzzle was that you could only hope over someone if there was two people on the same chair of the same “colour”.

    21st November

    The first activity of the evening was around global trade, each patrol was given parts of a dismantled torch.  There was five pieces in each torch and each patrol got all the same piece.  They then had to trade these pieces to create a full torch, the aim was to get a completely working system.  Now did this mean just your patrol or every patrol…..

    The second activity of the night was the golden rule.  Thinking about things that happen in every daily life and think of the positive and negative that could happen.  For example a friend is being bullied do you a) set in to help your friend, or b) make fun of your friend with the others.  The patrols have 10 -> 15minutes to think about this and come up with some ideas, they then had to come up with a small play to represent one of the things they had chosen.    These were then recorded and will be shown before the end of term.

    This week is Cane balistas and investiture

    See you on Monday


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  • Sep

    Don’t forget that tonight’s scout meeting is swimming so we won’t be meeting at the Scout Hut. Hope everyone has a great time and see you next Monday


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  • Sep

    First night back for the 2011-12 year and we welcomed lots of new cubs to our Scout evening tonight. We played a new game… a relay involving mental arithmetic and coins which had quite a few of the Scouts scratching their heads. We also played some of the good old classics – Quarterball (in the new patrols) and an ice breaking game involving Twister mats.

    The highlight of the evening for me was Giant Table Football which was brilliant (7-6 to yellow) and a blindfolded hockey obstacle course was very funny to watch.

    It was good to see everyone after the break. Don’t forget to start taking photographs for your photography badge, and to bring along a camera (or a camera phone) for next week.

    Subs are now due as well – please bring them in as soon as possible.

    See you next week!

  • Sep

    I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer holidays (shame the weather hasn’t been so good!).  Just a quick reminder that Scouts first night of term is tomorrow evening at the normal time.

    See you all there


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  • Sep

    Camp Ovens

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    Pictures from camp ovens





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  • Sep

    Troop Night

    Wow is it really almost the start of the winter term, it seems like only yesterday that we were at summer camp in Lockerley. I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer break.

    Just a few things to tidy up from last term that I didn’t get change to write about.

    4th July – Movie Effects Night

    We had a special guest this night to help us with Movie effects, showing the Scouts how movies create some of the special effects for blockbuster movies.  The evening started as normal with a inspection and a quick game before we split into 4 groups to go around the bases.  Two bases were inside and the other outside, inside we had how to make fake snow and fake injuries.  The fake injuries were very funny when a scout with a piece of fake glass and a large wound walks up to you.  Outside we had a couple of bases showing how movies perform little explosions.  Also in the evening as promised we performed the coke and mentos experiment that we attempted a couple of terms ago but it didn’t go very well last time.

    Unfortunately the rest of the evenings in the term were abit interesting due to the weather (good old british summer time!) meaning that the normal plan went slightly to pieces.

    26th July – Camp Ovens

    Thankfully the weather held out for us (just!) to do camp ovens on the last night of term.  We also invited the new cubs to join us on this evening to show them what Scouts was like.  The camp ovens involve digging trenches in the ground and placing the camp ovens over them, before covering them in mud.  Once completely covered in mud its time to start getting the fire going underneath.  Sadly our fire expert wasn’t there that evening and with damp conditions at the back of the Scout Hut we struggled to get the fires going.  Eventually we had three good fires burning nicely and the food in the ovens cooking away (mini pizzas).  As seems to be normal with camp ovens we over ran slightly ending at about 9.15 -> 9.30pm.

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  • Jun

    HikeThis weeks Troop meeting was a walk near Mottisfont Abbey. After a lovely sunny and very warm day 8 scouts, 5 parents,2 leaders and a dog set out from Spearywell car park heading out into the countryside. The first part of the walk was following a national trust walk through Spearywell wood which was dappled in sunshine.

    As we started to come out of the wood we checked the map to ensure that we were still on track and checked the watch to see how we were doing. Thankfully we were still on track and because there was still lots of time Skip decided to go a different way. We headed out of the forest and walked along the side of some fields as we headed towards Dunbridge underneath and over the main trainline to Cardiff. We wound our way past the edge of Dunbridge and started to head towards Mottisfont itself. After a quick stop before we got to Mottisfont it was time to start heading back to the car park, arriving at 8.50 right on time for the end of the scout evening.

    Have a look at the route we took (I’m not sure the first part is quite right….)

    Spearywell Route

    Thanks to everyone that came along on the walk, I hope you all enjoyed it.


    And finally a couple of pictures I took on the walk.



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  • May

    Tonights Scout meeting is another canoeing taster session, so if you are not joining us then its another week off. We will be back at the Scout hut next week (23rd May). The programme for the rest of the term is now online so see what exciting activities are coming up, plus we are already starting to organise some activities for the winter term!

    See you tonight at Canoeing.

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  • May


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    Its a lovely sunny evening here at lakeside. The scouts are out canoeing for the evening on a fun session, it’s the first troop night of term and looks like everyone is enjoying so far. Thankfully no-one has gone in yet……


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  • Apr

    Troop Night

    We have had a busy couple of weeks at the scout troop, this is a quick recap of the last two weeks of the spring term before the really long Easter break ahead of us. Please remember that Scouts does not start again until the 9th May and e first two weeks are canoeing.


    28th March – Games Night
    The troop meeting started as normal with flag break and inspection before the first game of the evening. Since it was the last meeting of the term at the Scout Hut we decide to have a games night starting off with the wide game capture the flag. the troop was split into two terms and a base was created at each side of the field, aim of the game as normal was to capture the flag from the oppositions base. The first game (if memory serves) was won by the red team who manage to capture then flag and get it back to the yellow base. We again with the teams in the same bases and this one ended in a draw, after 10 minutes one of the flags had moved from the base but it didn’t make it back to the other base.

    Taking a short break for a quick drink of water before the two teams swapped base for another two games, unfortunately both of these games ended in stalemate. As the evening closed in because the clocks had only just gone back we had to head inside for more games.

    As requested by the Scouts we played a quick game of dodge ball with the two terms playing really well and the games both lasted a long time. There was just time for one more game which I think was three way tug of war. With the final game over we had flag down.

    4th April – Record office trip
    The final meeting of term was held in Winchester at the Hampshire Record office. We met the archivist at 7.30 where he introduced the record office and what records they held on file plus some of the notable records they hold like letter from Florence Nightingale when she was young. It also had a number for records and pictures about local Scouting. The oldest records that they had was quite old I cannot remember the date but it was about 1000ish years old. He showed how damaged records can repaired by the Hampshire team.

    After the introduction to the record office we headed into the search room, from the search room there were a number of old maps of Romsey showing how it had changed over a number of years. Plus we were able to use the microfiche machines to look at birth, death and marriage records by parish.

    Searching the available documents we were able to see that they held one record on 15th North baddesley Scouts to do with the old HQ that we had. It was a fascinating evening and don’t forget about the heritage badge that can be done with the information that we found and abit more research.

    Hope everyone has had a great term and the leaders are already planning for the next term. Do not forget to return your caneoing forms to Skip before the beginning of next term, and remember it’s St Georges Day Parade on Sunday in Romsey Abbey. I’ll be sending out an email tonight with canoeing forms and parade information.

    See you on Sunday

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