• Oct

    Photography BadgeDon’t forget Scouts tonight, we will be at the Scout hut as normal and we will be continuing the final the photography badge. All the bases over the last two weeks have been to help towards the badge. If you would like to obtain the badge the only things left that you need to do are bring along some of your own photographs on a memory stick or camera so that we can take a look at them.

    Also remember that subs are due for this term, more subs envelopes will be handed out tonight to those that are missing.

    See you all tonight


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  • Sep

    Don’t forget that tonight’s scout meeting is swimming so we won’t be meeting at the Scout Hut. Hope everyone has a great time and see you next Monday


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  • Sep

    First night back for the 2011-12 year and we welcomed lots of new cubs to our Scout evening tonight. We played a new game… a relay involving mental arithmetic and coins which had quite a few of the Scouts scratching their heads. We also played some of the good old classics – Quarterball (in the new patrols) and an ice breaking game involving Twister mats.

    The highlight of the evening for me was Giant Table Football which was brilliant (7-6 to yellow) and a blindfolded hockey obstacle course was very funny to watch.

    It was good to see everyone after the break. Don’t forget to start taking photographs for your photography badge, and to bring along a camera (or a camera phone) for next week.

    Subs are now due as well – please bring them in as soon as possible.

    See you next week!

  • Sep

    I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer holidays (shame the weather hasn’t been so good!).  Just a quick reminder that Scouts first night of term is tomorrow evening at the normal time.

    See you all there


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  • Sep

    Camp Ovens

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    Pictures from camp ovens





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  • Sep

    Troop Night

    Wow is it really almost the start of the winter term, it seems like only yesterday that we were at summer camp in Lockerley. I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer break.

    Just a few things to tidy up from last term that I didn’t get change to write about.

    4th July – Movie Effects Night

    We had a special guest this night to help us with Movie effects, showing the Scouts how movies create some of the special effects for blockbuster movies.  The evening started as normal with a inspection and a quick game before we split into 4 groups to go around the bases.  Two bases were inside and the other outside, inside we had how to make fake snow and fake injuries.  The fake injuries were very funny when a scout with a piece of fake glass and a large wound walks up to you.  Outside we had a couple of bases showing how movies perform little explosions.  Also in the evening as promised we performed the coke and mentos experiment that we attempted a couple of terms ago but it didn’t go very well last time.

    Unfortunately the rest of the evenings in the term were abit interesting due to the weather (good old british summer time!) meaning that the normal plan went slightly to pieces.

    26th July – Camp Ovens

    Thankfully the weather held out for us (just!) to do camp ovens on the last night of term.  We also invited the new cubs to join us on this evening to show them what Scouts was like.  The camp ovens involve digging trenches in the ground and placing the camp ovens over them, before covering them in mud.  Once completely covered in mud its time to start getting the fire going underneath.  Sadly our fire expert wasn’t there that evening and with damp conditions at the back of the Scout Hut we struggled to get the fires going.  Eventually we had three good fires burning nicely and the food in the ovens cooking away (mini pizzas).  As seems to be normal with camp ovens we over ran slightly ending at about 9.15 -> 9.30pm.

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  • Aug

    On Sunday 14th August, I, Skip, Oo, Skips’s Mum and Dad, and other people from scouts went on a 24 mile bike ride from the Scout Hut to Southampton, on the Southampton Sky Ride. From the Scout Hut we went along to Rownhams wood where we cycled along gravel and mud paths, By the time I had got to the muddy path Ben had led everyone on apart from me, John, Skip, Mark because I had no gears, I found it hard to get up hills so they were helping me to get my bike over the mud part and not cycling on without me which helped. Soon we got to Southampton Sports centre grounds. At first, it was nice and flat. That wasn’t so bad and then downhill that was very fast but then the biggest hill ever. As I watched the others cycle up with no stops I started to push my bike up the hill it was vey hard but I did it.

    Then it was a matter of cycling into Southampton. The ride would start from the town hall and finish there as well. As we went along there were a lot of hills but the downhills were very fun. As we started to come round to the docks I saw the red funnel ship, lots of container ships and a car transporter. The ride went round the Eastern docks and back. Soon lunch time came, and we all sat outside the library and had our lunch on the grass and watched the cyclist go by. After that we went round again. Soon Kate joined us at the park and went round. Ben on the other hand went round four times and still cycled home.

    On the way back we stopped off at the ice cream van and had an ice cream then a flat ride back til the next lot of hills came round. Through the Sports Centre over the motorway bridge and back in to Chilworth and then stopped off at the Chilworth Arms. As I was getting off my bike my legs gave way. I sat down and drank my drink that Oo had got for me and thought about if I should cycle back, but I cycled back to North Baddesley and home.

    My favourite part was when we were cycling around the docks area and my worst part was when we went up the hills. Thank you for all the people who helped me up the hills and all th great laughs and chat that I had. So thank you very much and can’t wajt for next year’s sky ride.

    James B

    (James did all 24 miles on his small bike with no gears – quite an achievement!)

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  • Jun

    HikeThis weeks Troop meeting was a walk near Mottisfont Abbey. After a lovely sunny and very warm day 8 scouts, 5 parents,2 leaders and a dog set out from Spearywell car park heading out into the countryside. The first part of the walk was following a national trust walk through Spearywell wood which was dappled in sunshine.

    As we started to come out of the wood we checked the map to ensure that we were still on track and checked the watch to see how we were doing. Thankfully we were still on track and because there was still lots of time Skip decided to go a different way. We headed out of the forest and walked along the side of some fields as we headed towards Dunbridge underneath and over the main trainline to Cardiff. We wound our way past the edge of Dunbridge and started to head towards Mottisfont itself. After a quick stop before we got to Mottisfont it was time to start heading back to the car park, arriving at 8.50 right on time for the end of the scout evening.

    Have a look at the route we took (I’m not sure the first part is quite right….)

    Spearywell Route

    Thanks to everyone that came along on the walk, I hope you all enjoyed it.


    And finally a couple of pictures I took on the walk.



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  • Jun

    Congratulations to our team that was in the Pulborough trophy they came a fantastic 9th place and hopefully they had a fantastic time. The Pulborough trophy is a great opportunity to practice all those scouting skills.

    Unfortunately due to the weather over the weekend the scouts at this weeks troop meeting where met by lots of drying tents and some really horrible ground sheets. The plan of action was to get everything clean, dry and packed away and then play games (suppose to be field games but again due to weather we would have to be playing indoors).

    The first scouts that arrived were tasks with cleaning the ground sheets of all the dirty and some very stick mess that was on one!!! The second arrivals had to do the had part and get the dry tents down from the hanging and fold them into their bags.

    While all this was going on Skip was searching through the rest of the kit to ensure it was all clean and ready to be put away. Sadly it turned out that there was quite abit of washing up that was needed to be done, meaning as the scouts started to finish there first jobs it was time to wash up. They did a fantastic job on the watching up and the pots, pans and kettles were fantastically cleaned.

    Ooo from cubs came to join us and with spirits flagging she cooked up a batch of camp doughnuts and drinks.

    Thanks to all the scouts for helping clean and tidy the kit, everyone did a fantastic job and means that when we get it out for summer camp it will be nice and clean.

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  • Jun

    With the temperature so high outside you might be wondering why it’s so cold. Well it’s the patrol competition outing and this term they choose ice skating! And I can vouch that it’s freezing in the building…..

    They have been skating for about an hour now with varying degrees of success. As we meet at the scout hut and we asked the question how many times have you skated before? I was a little nervous of the response of once, never, a few times and never! Suddenly I felt the need to start looking up the nearest A&E.

    For such little time on the ice I’m really impressed how well they are doing. Me I would have probably broken both arms and legs by now :-).

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