• Jan

    CaverSounds like a strange combination doesn’t it! After everyone braved the snow to get to Scouts we had a great evening instore.  After the normal flag break and inspection the troop was split into two teams.  One team would be creating the indoor caving and the other playing the Mafia Game and then the groups would swap round one playing the game and the other making the caving experience.

    Eagles and Hawks were the first team to create the indoor caving route.  Using anything they could find in the store (tables, chairs, ground sheets, benches, pole bags, patrol tents).  They constructed a course almost the full length of the hall, with twists and turns as well as plates with water in them for the true caving experience!  Using benches they created raised sections.  While all that was happening Falcon and Kestrel were playing the Mafia game in a side room, after choosing with character they should be from the bowl the game commenced.  Slowly put surely townspeople were eliminated from the game, at day 3 one of the Mafia was eliminated and at day 6 the last Mafia person was eliminated from the game.  The Doctor survived the full round with only saving himself once!  Shame Skip almost gave the game away at one point!

    Once Eagles and Hawks had completed the indoor caving course it was time for them to leader the blindfolded Falcons and Kestrels around the course they had made.  Everyone made it safe and sound through the maze of tunnels, raised sections and obstacles.  The time had flown by and we were going to struggle fitting in the second course rebuild and run through.  But Falcons and Kestrels did a fantastic job and managed to create a new course within 10 minutes meaning that only one round of Mafia was played with the Mafia surviving till the end but they did success to remove the doctor early in the game.

    The final run through was quicker than before getting all 8 scouts through the maze in record time.  Finally it was a mad dash to get the maze tidied up before flag down and home time.

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