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    Troop Meeting – 21st June

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    The Troop meeting tonight is on as normal but it wont be at the Scout HQ.  We will be meeting at Emer Close for a hike across Baddesley common returning back to Emer Close by 9pm.  Parents are welcome to join us on the walk which will be starting at 7pm.

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    Group HikeToday was the group hike for 15th North Baddesley Scout Group with the Cubs and Scouts joining together for a walk from Lepe Country Park.  We all gathered outside the Cafe on the sea front in the car park.  With everyone arrived it was time to set off for the walk.

    The first part of the Lepe Circle Walk is along the beach front for about a mile.  There were fantastic views of the Isle of Wright and the solent was full of sailing boats enjoying the sunshine.  It was slighty windy along the beach but it wasnt long before we had to head inland.  Following a small road for a short distance before joining a public footpath.

    Within the first 200 m of joining the footpath a small snake (possibly a slow worm) was spotted by one of the Cubs at the front.  The footpath continued over a number of foot bridges and through some fields before we hit a nice location to have a quick bite for lunch before crossing the road for the final leg of the work.

    With everyone refreshed from lunch we set off again crossing the road that led down a gravel path to the edge of a farm.  Walking along the side of the farm and past a field full of llamas!  Definitely an odd sight in the Hampshire country side.  After a short trip through a small wooded area we emerged into a field of Oilseed Rape with a small path going through the middle of the field.  It was higher than most of the adults!  Getting through the Oilseed Rape was really good fun.

    After the trip through the Oilseed Rape we were on the final leg to the end.  Around a field full of very small sweetcorn plants that were just beginning to grow and through another couple of fields and we could see the sea again with even more sailing boats.  With 5 minutes the car park was in sight.

    We gathered on the main field at Lepe to eat ice cream and to play quick cricket before everyone started to head off.

    Thankyou to everyone for coming and I hope you enjoyed the walk.  For the Scouts I will see you tomorrow and I will be joining Cubs this week for the GPS orienteering.


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