• Sep

    Troop Night

    Wow is it really almost the start of the winter term, it seems like only yesterday that we were at summer camp in Lockerley. I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer break.

    Just a few things to tidy up from last term that I didn’t get change to write about.

    4th July – Movie Effects Night

    We had a special guest this night to help us with Movie effects, showing the Scouts how movies create some of the special effects for blockbuster movies.  The evening started as normal with a inspection and a quick game before we split into 4 groups to go around the bases.  Two bases were inside and the other outside, inside we had how to make fake snow and fake injuries.  The fake injuries were very funny when a scout with a piece of fake glass and a large wound walks up to you.  Outside we had a couple of bases showing how movies perform little explosions.  Also in the evening as promised we performed the coke and mentos experiment that we attempted a couple of terms ago but it didn’t go very well last time.

    Unfortunately the rest of the evenings in the term were abit interesting due to the weather (good old british summer time!) meaning that the normal plan went slightly to pieces.

    26th July – Camp Ovens

    Thankfully the weather held out for us (just!) to do camp ovens on the last night of term.  We also invited the new cubs to join us on this evening to show them what Scouts was like.  The camp ovens involve digging trenches in the ground and placing the camp ovens over them, before covering them in mud.  Once completely covered in mud its time to start getting the fire going underneath.  Sadly our fire expert wasn’t there that evening and with damp conditions at the back of the Scout Hut we struggled to get the fires going.  Eventually we had three good fires burning nicely and the food in the ovens cooking away (mini pizzas).  As seems to be normal with camp ovens we over ran slightly ending at about 9.15 -> 9.30pm.

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  • May


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    Its a lovely sunny evening here at lakeside. The scouts are out canoeing for the evening on a fun session, it’s the first troop night of term and looks like everyone is enjoying so far. Thankfully no-one has gone in yet……


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  • Mar

    Time for abit of a catch up on what we have been up to, its been a busy few weeks for the Scout Group.

    Indoor Football

    A few weeks ago the Scout meeting was on a Friday and we all met up at Flemming Park for a game of indoor football. With 10 Scouts we split into two teams with two leaders playing as well (because it was a huge pitch!). 30 minutes of play it was time to swap the teams round with another 30 minutes of play again. Everyone had a great time and 10 tired Scouts and 3 tired Leaders we left the indoor football pitch after an hour, everyone had a great time. Hopefully we will be able to organise another trip in the Winter Term.

    Pancake Night

    PancakesOn the Monday after football it was our Scout Evening as normal at the Scout hut (since it was so close to pancake night on Tuesday). The troop evening started as normal with flag break and inspection, before getting straight on with the pancake making. Each patrol was provided with the equipment, recipe and ingredients to make 16 pancakes each. Within a few minutes the hall was a hive of activity getting all the equipment setup and starting to mix the ingredients. I cannot remember which patrol was the first to flip their pancakes but everyone was getting involved cooking and eating there pancakse, even the leaders managed to get one each. As the evening continued it was time to start packing away.

    Unfortunately with pancakes there is quite abit of mess to be cleaned up meaning lots of washing up to be done before we could play a quick game. Hawks worked really well all evening and were the first to finish their washing up and pack equipment away. Just before we ended there was just enough time for a quick game of scorpians tale, before it was time for flag down.

    District Winter Camp

    Last weekend it was that time again for District Winter Camp…. thankfully it was much warm this year than last year. The Scouts arrived on Friday night at dusk to setup their tents for the weekend before having supper and getting some sleep for the day of activities ahead.

    On Saturday is most probably an eariler start than normal for most of them, having to get up and have breakfast before a full day of activities that included Shooting, Archery and many other fun activities.

    On Sunday it was the Sextant Trophy which is a hike around the area of the camp that the scouts need to plan and then follow there route. Congratulations to our Scouts that demonstrated some fantastic Scouts skills getting very high marks on bearings, grid references and following of the route. Before heading home there was tents to be put down before the Sextant trophy results were announced and the trophy was awarded to the winning team. Congratulations to 6th Lockerley that won the trophy by 25pts from 4th Bramshaw. I hope everyone had a fantastic time on the camp and see you at the next camp.


    The last Scout meeting on Monday was held at the Quays in Southampton where we were joined by 13 Scouts for a fun swim session in the fun pool. We were only there for an hour but it was a fun evening for everyone, the slide was open for alittle bit while we were there. Next swimming session we think will be a cycle and swim to the Rapids in Romsey.

    See you all as normal next week.

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  • Feb

    First day of March tomorrow and its time for another Scout meeting.  The evenings are getting lighter and we are already looking at our program for next term.  If you have anything you would like to do next term at Scout evenings let us know.  We are going to be starting the fitness challenge badge tomorrow as well as each week a patrol will be looking at and practicing using axe and saw for the Pulborough Trophy.  Same time, same place!

    See you all tomorrow


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  • Jan
    Troop Night

    Troop Night

    Just a quick reminder for tomorrow nights Troop meeting.  We will be hopefully playing a wide game outside on the field so ensure that the trousors that you wear are olded because they will probably get dirty.  Also remember warm clothes, gloves, hats, scarves and torches.

    A number of subs are still due so please do not forget to bring them in tomorrow night.  Its your very last chance for winter camp as well.

    See you tomorrow


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  • Jan

    CaverSounds like a strange combination doesn’t it! After everyone braved the snow to get to Scouts we had a great evening instore.  After the normal flag break and inspection the troop was split into two teams.  One team would be creating the indoor caving and the other playing the Mafia Game and then the groups would swap round one playing the game and the other making the caving experience.

    Eagles and Hawks were the first team to create the indoor caving route.  Using anything they could find in the store (tables, chairs, ground sheets, benches, pole bags, patrol tents).  They constructed a course almost the full length of the hall, with twists and turns as well as plates with water in them for the true caving experience!  Using benches they created raised sections.  While all that was happening Falcon and Kestrel were playing the Mafia game in a side room, after choosing with character they should be from the bowl the game commenced.  Slowly put surely townspeople were eliminated from the game, at day 3 one of the Mafia was eliminated and at day 6 the last Mafia person was eliminated from the game.  The Doctor survived the full round with only saving himself once!  Shame Skip almost gave the game away at one point!

    Once Eagles and Hawks had completed the indoor caving course it was time for them to leader the blindfolded Falcons and Kestrels around the course they had made.  Everyone made it safe and sound through the maze of tunnels, raised sections and obstacles.  The time had flown by and we were going to struggle fitting in the second course rebuild and run through.  But Falcons and Kestrels did a fantastic job and managed to create a new course within 10 minutes meaning that only one round of Mafia was played with the Mafia surviving till the end but they did success to remove the doctor early in the game.

    The final run through was quicker than before getting all 8 scouts through the maze in record time.  Finally it was a mad dash to get the maze tidied up before flag down and home time.

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  • Jan

    SnowmanJust a quick message to say that Scouts at present will be going ahead as normal.  We will be assessing the weather and conditions during the day tomorrow so please check back here tomorrow afternoon around 4pm to see the latest.  If we do unfortunately have to cancel Scouts then I will ring everyone by 6.30pm to inform them that its not going ahead.

    On a lighter note I hope everyone has been enjoying the snow that we have had over the last couple of days.

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